The importance of “sleep” is one of your great allies to optimal health.

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Yes, i know, you have to:

  • Stay on top of your career
  • Further you education
  • Get the children to school on time.
  • Pay the bills.
  • Prepare healthy meals.
  • Make sure the children homework is complete
  • and on & on.

But , you must make time for a good day or night “sleep”!

Think about this,

You wake up during the morning from a good night sleep and you’re so refresh, now you’re ready to meet the press (take on the world).

images (42)

The importance of sleep must be a part of your nutrition plan.

Now, you may say, “nutrition plan”? I thought that your nutrients are in the food”.

Well, that’s true! Let’s compare the two (proper food & proper sleep), that aids in a healthy-nutritional lifestyle.




Proper Foods:

Veggies & Fruit – good for hormone balance, body building, mood enhancer, digestive health, eye health, bone health, sharper memory, sharper focus & concentration.

Proper Sleep:

Stress reliever, purges the body from unwanted toxins, refreshes the mind body & spirit, sharper memory, better focus & concentration, normal breathing.

Benefits from Green Tea & Proper Sleep

Green Tea is known as a “super food”   with outstanding properties & anti-oxidants that boosts the metabolism (you fat burning furnace), that helps you loose weight.

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As you sleep (7-8 hrs. worth), you give your body a chance to release stress. When you are stressed out, you gain or increase the risk of obesity and other major health issues.

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So, it can aid in weight loss by removing unwanted stress. Another thing, when you are up, (instead of sleeping) the mind tells you,” it’s time to eat”. Trust me on this, many of us don’t have the discipline to withdrawal from that temptation.


Whether you are having a late night snack (at 2 a.m.) or a soda, your body has to work harder now because at a certain point in the evening the body slows down. It’s getting ready to transform and build you up for a better day ahead.

Rest is good…but, sleep is top of the line!

Rest is  a break between work to regroup for a small  period of time (5 minutes to couple of hours).

With sleep, it’s like oxygen, “YOU NEED IT”, to survive.

The importance of sleep can bring you into an awesome state of being. Whatever you do, make it your best friend.

Have a great day & thanks for stopping by!

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When I was a little child I noticed that those who had “heart attacks” were  old men and women.

Moving things forward, I can’t believe how many young people are catching the old person sickness.

Hi World, I’m here to share an article today by:

They are going to give you extra precaution tips on safe guarding yourself from “heart attacks”.

Brilliant move #1: Heed those dirty-air warnings on the news.

Why your heart loves it: Inhaling ozone — the nasty gas that results when tailpipe and smokestack fumes meet sunlight and hot weather — can kill cardio cells, throw off your heartbeat, and boost your odds for a heart attack even if you don’t have heart disease. Smart moves: Exercise indoors on high-ozone days. Do your best to avoid exhaust-choked streets. Get out from behind diesel buses and trucks; their tailpipes spew out chemicals and tiny particles that can inflame lungs and arteries, rupture plaque buildups, encourage blood clots, and boost blood pressure.

Brilliant move #2: Do not stop daily aspirin on your own.

Why your heart loves it: If you take low-dose aspirin for any reason, check your supply and run out for a new bottle if it’s low. Stopping suddenly can triple your odds for trouble-causing clots in 10 days (yes, 10; that’s no typo). If you’ve got surgery scheduled, have a careful talk with your doc now about the pros and cons of stopping your little white tablets.

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Brilliant move #3: Ask your doc if there’s anything in your health history (including Aunt Tillie’s kidney problems) that might mean trouble for your kidneys.

Why your heart loves it: Kidneys are vital to your body’s waste-disposal system, but in many adults (1 in 9!) these ingenious little filters aren’t firing on all cylinders. Over time, this triples your odds for heart problems because hinky kidneys gunk up your bloodstream, which stiffens arteries and fires up inflammation. High blood pressure, diabetes, and unlucky genes weaken kidneys. If you’ve got any of ’em, get checked.

Brilliant move #4: Treat your siblings’ heart health like your own.

Why your heart loves it: Bet you know that having parents with early heart problems ups your vulnerability. But did you know that having a sib with heart disease before 60 doubles your own odds of trouble? Sharing clothes is one thing, but heart attacks? No way. Tell your doc about this part of the family tree. Then do everything you can to stay healthy (from eating whole grains and walking to not smoking). (Here’s how to set a new goal today — and stick to it!)

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Brilliant move #5: Give yourself extra TLC if you’ve got psoriasis, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis.

Why your heart loves it: The scaly skin of psoriasis, the fatigue of lupus, and the joint pain of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) may seem worlds away from your heart. But these are all inflammatory diseases, and inflammation packs plaque into your arteries. No wonder psoriasis increases heart disease risk by nearly 80%, lupus doubles it, and RA raises heart attack chances by 60%. Get serious about keeping your blood pressure, LDL cholesterol, and inflammation levels down. (Did you floss today? Gum disease fires up internal inflammation.) Then pamper your ticker with healthy meals, daily 30-minute walks, and a stress-soother (we do yoga).

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Brilliant move #6: Strengthen your marriage and friendships.

Why your heart loves it: You probably suspect that a colder-than-the-Antarctic marriage can lead to physical as well as legal troubles. Ditto if your so-called pals fall into the “with friends like these, who needs enemies” category; they zoom up heart risk 25%. Break up with that bad crowd and find real friends. If your marriage has gone from tender to tense, work on it (everyone has to at some point). Your blood pressure will drop, your arteries will be cleaner, and, hey, you’ll be happier! (Find out more about how your friendships can help you live longer.)

images (58)

Brilliant move #7: Use up your vacation time!

Why your heart loves it: Taking regular time off can cut your heart attack odds by almost a third. Yet 43% of Americans didn’t use all their vacation last year. Can’t swing a getaway right now? Do the stay-cation thing: Fill up the wading pool, turn off your phone and computer, rent ALL of your favorite movies, take long walks, do/don’t cook (whichever’s more fun), unwind a little . . . unwind some more. Aim for that blissed-out vacation feeling. Your heart will love it. So will you.

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I really hope you found this piece of information helpful. I did. Thanks-a-million for stopping by.

To your best health,                                                                                           Derrick M.                                                                                                         Online Marketer                                                                                                 Entreprenuer



Energy bars are so massive today. You see them in the local stores, drug stores, gyms, man you name it.

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To tell the truth, “ALL ENERGY BARS ARE NOT THE SAME”! Although they do have an enticing appeal to them. They do taste pretty good….But If you want to find the right bar, take a short journey with me.

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In an ideal world, we’d all eat nutritious, home-cooked meals every day. In reality, sometimes you just need a quick bite, and that’s where energy bars come in.

Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond Bars are one of the best options out there—full of collagen and healthy fats, packed with protein, and rich in fiber.


Say goodbye to conventional protein bars stuffed with sugar or high-fructose corn syrup.

Lightly sweetened with honey and monk fruit extract, these bars deliver amazing flavor and nutrition. They’re made from real food ingredients, and don’t include any grains, dairy, or artificial additives.

And it’s not only what these bars don’t contain that makes them so good for you—it’s the nutrition they do.

With 15 grams of protein and 6 grams of dietary fiber per serving, Primal Kitchen’s bars provide plenty of lasting energy and leave you feeling full and satisfied. They’re also a good source of essential minerals like iron, and pack in tons of healthy fats from grass-fed collagen, too.


Ready to sink your teeth into one of these chocolatey, chewy delights?

Well, you’re in luck, because Thrive Market is offering a FREE 6-pack of Primal Kitchen’s Paleo-friendly dark chocolate almond energy bars! Claim your FREE gift today before they’re all gone!


Thanks for stopping by and take extra care.

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Walking is one of the best exercises that can be done whether you’re young or not-so-young (smile).

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Hi World, I hope that your world is as beautiful as mine.

Many of us would love to have or live in optimal health. Walking by law (human nature), prescribes us to get up and move on a daily basis.

Back in my younger days, many of our activity were outdoors and be creative. Me and my friends get together and go for long walks.

We explored new nature paths. We play game to get the blood circulating, heart -pumping and that also increased the oxygen throughout the whole body.

Walking is the best for any occasion.


Let’s take a look at the benefits walking produces:download (82)

  • It helps remove bad toxins out of the body through your sweat and  keeps your digestive system running smooth.
  • You have regular bowel movements. That’s a good thing! Another way to remove unwanted waste.
  • It helps you lose belly fat.
  • It strengthen your heart.
  • It relieves negative stress.
  • It helps tone up our physique.
  • It turns embarrassing flab into muscles
  • It helps you sleep better
  • and the list goes on…

But, too reach optimal health, we have to include life-giving foods that will sustain this life. That’s part of our diet plan. It goes hand-in-hand.

To track your progress, have a journal ready at (88)

I know some of us are “super humans” and we can remember anything at anytime. But, for the most of us, there are to many thoughts that go on throughout the day (50,000 thoughts), so make life easy on yourself and pick up a journal.


Now, walking is more challenging if you are along. Find a friend who is motivated as you are (or more), and go out and have fun with it.

Go 30 minutes out and 30 minutes in (in the beginning). You’ll see that time flies when you’re walking with a partner.

But, before you start, check with your physician first. Make sure you are good-to-go. 4051fc9e-e2e7-4244-9502-b36f2f96eed6

Although, walking is not as vigorous as running, jump rope or etc., a doctor visit is a safe way to go and it won’t hurt to take caution (smile).

Enjoy these benefits of walking and it is a great way to get your “sexy back”

9_2_29SWIMWEAR images (49)

To your best health and days,                                                                           Derrick M.                                                                                                           Online Marketer                                                                                               Entreprenuer

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Hi World, It’s Derrick here. I hope all is well and good (smile).

This is one of my favorite subjects…but, yet instill, the most important.

And that is: Why Is It Critical To Eat Healthy and Eat That Way ALL THE TIME!

I’m a big fan of food.  Yes. I enjoy eating the best of foods and at times, I dabble a little with junk food.

Staying healthy is a job, a business, a career.  Your business, a job or your career of choice, if you are planning to keep them, there are rules you must follow.

Same goes for your health. To sustain this life, you most follow crucial steps to prolong it.


The best way to eat healthy is study the food source. What has the most vitamins, minerals, antioxidants available to fortify the mind-body-soul combination.

The mind, body and soul must work in unison. They must work on one accord to get the most out of a healthy lifestyle.

Take heed to this: When you eat the best of foods, you notice how it replenish your body to give you more strength, energy and endurance.

You notice how your thought process become a bit sharper, clearer and more focused.

You, also notice how a good feeling comes over you after eating a health-filled meal. It tends to put you in a good mood.

Food has a serious affect on the mind-body and soul because they must work as ONE!

Now, let’s talk about the foods that make your life right:

“Vegetables and Fruits”

This is the most important foods to consume more of than any other foods that are out there in this world.

Vegetables and Fruit are best for human consumption.  The body is familiar with what belongs and what to get rid of.

Once it extracts the best of foods (veggies & fruits), it take the nutrients into the blood stream (the life force), which, in turn, helps build up a wonderful mechanism (the body).

I hope you are enjoying this because I most definitely am.

Now, check this out:

We know in order for us to live that we need life-giving force. You know what it is? That’t right, put on your thinking caps

download (58)

We need oxygen!

It is said that,”our oxygen level is at a low of 21%”. It’s almost like living in a higher elevated place. Like in the Colorado Mountains.

download (60) Higher elevation, less oxygen.


So, since oxygen play a major role for a healthy lifestyle, how can we naturally add more into our lives.

By eating, high-rich whole foods.

And what are they?

  • Beans, peas,and lentils
  • Steamed veggies-spinach, kale, broccoli, mustard greens
  • Other foods rich in chlorophyll-blue-green algae, chlorella and spirulina.

See, once again, vegetables is the key to you and your love ones longevity.

Let’s look at the fruit department and see which gives more oxygen

  • Berries
  • Ripe Bananas
  • Dates
  • Lemons
  • Apricots
  • Sweet Apples
  • Sweet Grapes
  • Passion Fruit

This is what we need massive of on our plates. Vegetable and Fruit. Every single day.

Now, I know, some of us have a hard time digesting some or most of these foods. You can always purchase a juicer or a blender to help with that situation.

However you consume your healthy diets, get more of it.

images (35) images (43)

To your best health,                                                                                           Derrick M.                                                                                                           Online Marketer                                                                                                 Entreprenuer

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Hi World, I hope your today is going exceedingly well.

I like to touch on a topic that many of my readers ask me about. That is, “Why are many people are getting sicker today”?


Let’s dive right on in, shall we?download (55)
I’m specifically speaking of the United State of America. The United States of America (U.S.A), has nearly 340 million citizens in its country.
The U.S.A is one of the youngest and the most “wealthiest” nation around today.
Also, the U.S.A is not the biggest country around but it is the “sickest” country on Earth.


I was amazed when I sat and had lunch with one of my mentors and we were speaking on the illness in U.S.A.

He said,”little D, This country has more hospitals and prisons than any country on Earth.

So, I went to do my research and low and behold, my mentor was right. The sickest nation on Earth. I like to see things for myself .Plus, my mentor always tell to do my due diligence. You should too.

Listen upimages (2)There are different forms of sickness, beyond the physical. You have: mental, financial, educational,  spiritual and economics.

In the U.S.A:

  • there are between 50-60 million people who are poverty stricken
  •  the age of 18 and older, people suffer from a diagnosable  mental  disorder
  • 14 percent of the population can’t read. 21 percent of adults read at a 5th grade level and 19 percent of high school grads can’t read
  • 60% of the people with poor health claims to have high levels of stress.

There are dangerous products and chemicals that are used in the U.S.A (in the food source), that are banned in other English speaking countries that follow strict dietary laws.

Now, many of the citizens in the U.S.A, totally depend on their government on rectifying important issues such as “why so many sick people in the most wealthiest country and how can you fix it.

I’m not here to bust anyone’s bubble or be a bearer of not-so-good news…..but the government main focus is:

TO MAKE MONEY! That’s it That’s all.

Yes, the government job is to bring about a government of peace to the nation.

That’s the purpose of setting up government. That’s the purpose for voting. Get the people in who will do the job to heal the nation.

When I was a little boy, I notice that cancer was an elderly person illness. Today, many of the babies are diagnosed with cancer.


The government (in the U.S.A), knows about the major illnesses in this land and they have the resources to cure. Please don’t be fooled. This government is very wise. It analyzes everything.
And if it doesn’t make them money, they are very slow in moving forward.
download (3)
The People have to take their lives back. Sometimes, somethings you have to do yourself. Our health is our responsibility.
Educate yourself daily without fail.
The more ignorant we are, the more shame comes upon us. Learn about the most healthiest foods.
Find out the alternatives foods to consume to heal yourself than prescription pills. The doctors here are quick to offer you a pill for your ill instead of plant life because there’s no money into healing you.
Learn to chew your food slowly. I never seen so many people that are so much in a rush to really go nowhere.
Food is to enjoy. I had a friend who ate a hamburger in two or there bites.
download (33)I said,”holly molly”!
We really need to slow it down some.
Another illness many suffer from is: Sleep deprivation. I can’t stress it enough about the body needing sleep. The body will shut down on its own and it can be at the worst time.
Especially while you are driving a car.
download (37)
Listen, I held you long enough. I will continue this at another time. Thanks for reading and stopping by. Take good care!
To your better health,
Derrick M.
Online Marketer





Hi World and may peace be with you & yours today.

Now , I’m totally excited today to share with you an awesome treat and by the way, “IT’S FREE”! Sometimes, free is good and this time, it’s good.


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Peanut butter lovers, rejoice—there’s a new nut butter on the scene. Meet Justin’s Classic Almond Butter, a delightfully simple spread that will win over even the most devout PB&J fans. An added bonus? It’s naturally gluten-free, vegan, and Paleo-friendly.

Whether spread on toast, or drizzled over apple slices, Justin’s Classic Almond Butter is the MVP of snack time. Made from just two ingredients—almonds and sustainably sourced red palm fruit oil—this almond butter is as wholesome as it is delicious.



Often, manufacturers try to jazz up nut butters by adding sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

Justin’s, on the other hand, is the real deal—this almond butter doesn’t need any sweeteners or fillers to make it palatable. The great taste comes from the naturally delicious almonds. Since every spoonful includes a solid serving of protein and healthy fats, you can feel good about indulging in this creamy spread.  Plus, Paleo eaters or people with peanut allergies can safely enjoy Justin’s almond butter as a peanut butter substitute!


Once you try almond butter, you’ll never want to go back to sugary peanut butter again. For a limited time, Thrive Market is offering a free jar of Justin’s Classic Almond Butter!


So, don’t miss out on this all-natural almond butter spread. Healthy for you and your love ones. Without delay, click the special link below today!


All have a great day,                                                                                           Derrick M.                                                                                                         Online Marketer                                                                                                 Entreprenuer

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Hi World, I’m hope you & yours are having a pleasant day.

This is one of the many topics men tend to speak more about (women do too), but today, our focus is the male species (smile).

The question is: Why is My Hair Falling Out?

Let’s tackle this issue, shall we?


What is DHT and Why does it Play a Devastating Role in Hair Loss?


download (88) download (73)

Science and countless studies have proven that hair loss is commonly caused thanks to an enzyme in the body that converts testosterone into something called DiHydro Testosterone, or DHT. Often, men suffering with hair loss are found to have increased levels of DHT within their body and scalp, which is why this harmful hormone is being planned for bald heads all over the world. This proven information drastically changed the way that medical professionals viewed hair loss, and is the reasoning behind the powerful hair loss solution known as Profollica.

Because of the fact that DHT contributes to the slowing down of the hair growth phase, the natural ingredients within Profollica are aimed at inhibiting DHT and allowing your scalp to battle back against the harmful effects that the hormone can have on your hair. DHT can force hair to lose its color, become more brittle, and fall out much faster than it usually would based on aging alone. Reducing the levels of DHT in the scalp has now been proven to be one of the very best ways to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair re-growth.

And that is what the Profollica hair loss system is all about.

While there are other hair loss products that aim at inhibiting DHT levels in the scalp, most of them are either overly expensive, unproven, full of harmful chemicals, or require a doctor’s visit and a prescription in order to purchase. That is where Profollica sets itself apart from the rest. It contains only all natural ingredients, is incredibly affordable when compared to other products, and has been proven to bring about positive results when it comes to the health of your hair.

If you are serious about preventing further hair loss and stimulating new hair growth then you simply have to find a remedy that can prevent DHT from connecting with the receptors within your hair follicles and that can reduce DHT levels in your body overall. Anything else, and most other promises made by other hair loss products, can often prove simply to be a waste of time and money.

That is precisely what Profollica is all about. The potent and natural ingredients target the unwanted DHT in your scalp and improve the overall health of your follicles. While it may seem like genetics are to blame for your lack of hair and the fact that you have to hide your head from those around you whenever possible, that doesn’t have to be the case. You now have the opportunity to take control of your head, your scalp, and your hair, and gain back the confidence that you used to have when you were younger.

Stop allowing DHT to control your life and your scalp, and allow Profollica to go to work today. With zero side effects, an impressively affordable price, and all natural ingredients, you really have nothing to lose…except less hair.

For more information, go to

Hopefully, gentlemen the is useful. Take care & best wishes

Sincerely,                                                                                                             Derrick M.                                                                                                           Online Marketer                                                                                                 Entreprenuer

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Hi World,

I hope all is well & good.

You notice when the sun comes out and it beams its magnificent rays upon you that it’s so powerful that it can change your mood from sad to glad.

images (44)

The Sun provides many benefits that can keep you healthy for a long time. In its rays, there are so many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that plant life don’t have. So, by all means, get some sun.


When you walk or run with you’re dog, you’re protecting yourself from fast aging.

download (33) images (45)

Take your children on a nature walk or hike. Breathe in the oxygen that nature tendS to offer you and your family that helps you to think clearer, exercise longer and stay fit.


Now, you are at the round table with your family eating healthy foods EVERYDAY!

download (83)  download (53)


(Click the special link below to get healthier each day)!


Healthy foods that fight fatigue, chronic illness, inflammation build-up and cellular breakdown.

One day I went to visit my younger brother and he asked if  I’ve ever eaten “Avocado oil mayo”? My reply, “No sir”! He said, “you should try it, since you enjoy healthy living”!

This is what I’ve found on the subject:

  • Primal Kitchen’s Avocado Mayo is the only mayo in existence made from nutrient-dense avocado oil.
  • It’s made from cage-free eggs and non-GMO ingredients and is locally produced in Southern California!
  • Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo is compatible with gluten-free, low-carb, and paleo diets. It’s truly a product for everyone!


First Name:

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This is a limited time offer!

Grab one for yourself and tell your family, friends & neighbors so they can get in on the fun.



Derrick M.                                                                                                           Online Marketer                                                                                                 Entreprenuer

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Hi World,

I would like to share an article with you today that i find very interesting and i’m quite sure you would too. It’s by 

One in seven people with colorectal cancer are younger than 50, the recommended age to start screening.

4051fc9e-e2e7-4244-9502-b36f2f96eed6 The recommended age to start screening for colorectal cancer in people at average risk may be too old, suggests new research. The study of more than 258,000 people with colorectal cancer showed that about one in seven developed colorectal cancer before age 50

“People can get colon cancer under 50,” saysRya Kaplan, MD, a gastroenterologist withTrident Medical Center in Charleston, S.C. “It’s not the norm, but it can happen.”

Without screening, most people under the age of 50 won’t know they have colorectal cancer until symptoms show up, and by then it has probably already spread, says Dr. Kaplan.

“We are certainly seeing younger patients [with colorectal cancer] more frequently,” says Keith Roach, MD, Sharecare’s chief medical officer. “I do think it should prompt a rethinking of the guidelines.”

Current screening guidelines

Colorectal cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death for men and women combined in the U.S. However, about 90% of people live five or more years if their colorectal cancer is found early. For people at average risk, current guidelines suggest starting colorectal cancer screenings at age 50. Colonoscopies should be done once every 10 years; fecal blood tests, flexible sigmoidoscopies, barium enemas or CT colon scans may be done every five.

Not just the young

“Higher rates are seen in people of lower socioeconomic status, possibly due to lower physical activity, unhealthy diet, smoking, obesity, and lower screening rates,” says Dr. Saylors. And, African Americans have the highest rates of colorectal cancer in the U.S. of any ethnic group. That could be partially due to genetic factors, but also because they’re less likely to be screened, says Saylors. Because of this, some experts recommend African Americans begin screening at age 45.

There is some good news, though. The study found that even though people were diagnosed younger and their cancer had spread, they were more likely to survive longer than those diagnosed after age 50. It may be because younger patients are able to handle more aggressive forms of cancer treatment, says Dr. Roach.

It’s important to note that this study only looked at people with an average risk of colorectal cancer. “People with a family history of colon cancer or people with polyps will probably be screened earlier than age 50 anyway,” says Kaplan.

What you can do

If you have an increased risk of colorectal cancer or other types of cancer, talk to your doctor about when you should start screening. Also, be aware of colorectal cancer symptoms and see your doctor if you have:

  • Blood in stool
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Change in bowel habits
  • Narrow stool
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Cramps or bloating

No matter your age, healthy habits can reduce your risk of colorectal cancer. Exercise and physical fitness is a good start. One study found that the most physically fit participants were 44% less likely to get colorectal cancer than the least physically fit participants. Other ways to reduce your risk of colorectal cancer include

Eat a high-fiber, low-fat diet; limit red and processed meat
Drink alcohol sparingly
Maintain a healthy weight
Don’t smoke
Ask your doctor about taking aspirin. Research suggests aspirin may lower your risk of colorectal cancer.

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