Organic apple cider vinegar is an admirable miracle worker.

Every home should have this multi-tasker. This healthy product is known for its household benefits…but, it’s also a natural body healer.

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Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Digestion

The organic apple cider vinegar, an all natural product that helps protect the digestive system from indigestion.

Many of the unnatural foods we partake in (especially around the the holidays), tend to wreck havoc on the body.

Constipation, diarrhea, over weight, fatigue and less energy to name a few.

Also, organic apple cider vinegar  balances blood sugars, and, when sipped with a meal, helps the body absorb nutrients.


Taking a small amount (tablespoon), mix with water before your meals  increases glucose sensitivity.

Plus, the acetic acid is thought to block starch digestion, preventing it from entering the blood stream and spiking blood sugar.

As undigested starch passes through your body, it feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut—creating a win-win situation for you.

This miracle worker (Natural Healer), has many other health benefits .

For example, in pass time, the older people use it for:

  • hiccups
  • acne
  • warts
  • clear skin
  • soft & fuller hair

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Bad breathe, whiter teeth can be solved by using organic apple cider vinegar.  Using it as a mouthwash  and kill the bacteria associated with sore throats.

Have you notice when the is special vinegar is unfiltered, it looks  cloudy and other stuff moving & floating around?

Don’t be alarm.

It’s actually perfectly safe, and its loaded with proteins, enzymes, and healthy bacteria.

It’s a great wash for your produce without harsh chemicals.

For household use, an all-natural disinfectant,  organic apple cider vinegar cuts through grease and germs as a household cleaner.

Combined with vegetable oil, apple cider vinegar also makes a great furniture polish and leaves your home smelling like an apple orchard.

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Chronic back pain are what thousands of people are facing daily.

Use these healthy moves to help you manage your achy back in a better way.

One of the best remedies for your back pain is ensuring that you get enough sleep each night. While you sleep your body works hard repairing itself.

This is especially true if you are dealing with chronic back pain. Investing in a good pillow will help you get a better night’s sleep.

Look for a pillow that is suited to the way you sleep for even more comfort. There are specific pillows for people who sleep on their side, back or stomach.

Back pain comes from a variety of causes.

For example, if you have issues with the cartilage in your spine it is best to avoid sitting for too long at any one time.

Try to keep sitting to a minimum, use a lumbar cushion for support or take lots of breaks. While in a sitting position, your discs in your spine start to compress.  This is due to your stomach muscles pressing backwards onto your spine.

Standing for too long can also cause back pain.

If your job involves lots of standing, especially in one place, see if you can get a cushioned mat to stand on. When you do take a break, take the chance to sit down.

An admirable way to improve your chronic back pain is, by getting into the habit of performing daily back exercises and stretches.

Healthy move tip: Before pursuing any form of exercise with chronic back pain, please consult a physician first. Thank you!


Check out these healthy move tweaks to protect yourself from chronic back pain:

Healthy Move #1. Yoga – Yoga is great for this, but if you find this too difficult ask your doctor for recommendations of specific back exercises. Staying flexible will help lower the amount of pain you experience.

Healthy Move #2. Pelvic Tilt – This will not only strengthen your lower back and lumbar, but, your lower abs as well. You will do this by lying on the ground with your back on the floor. Your legs will be bent and your feet flat on the floor. Imagine your belly being pushed to the floor. And flatten your lower back. Each time you flatten your lumbar and lower back to the ground is a stretch.

Healthy Move #3. Knee to Chest Stretch – Use the same starting position as the pelvic tilt, slowly pull one knee into your chest. You will feel your hip and lower back stretch. This provides help for your nerves that are exiting your spinal column. Bring one knee to your chest and hold for the 5 seconds and then repeat with the other knee.

Healthy Move #4.  Lower Torso Rotation – Again use the same positions from the previous exercises. Keep your knees together and then turn them to one side twisting at the hip. Hold it while you tighten your stomach. Return to the starting position and then go the opposite direction. This helps with flexibility.

Healthy Move #5.  Hamstring Stretches – The goal of this is to stretch the hamstring so that it will cause less tension on the lower back by pulling less. From the same position as the other exercises, except with your legs straight, lift one leg straight up. It might help to have a towel under your leg to help you pull it up. Hold it for the 5 seconds and then repeat with the other leg.

Healthy Move #6. The Bridge – Much like it sounds you are going to be forming a bridge shape with your body. With your body in the same position as the first three exercises and your arms laying down by your sides, lift up your back and hips off the ground. This will strengthen and stabilize your spine and lower back muscles.


When it comes to chronic back pain, it’s vital to get plenty of rest. Not too much, which may hinder your score card (progress).

 So peaceful.

While resting allow your body to relax, this way your body can really benefit and begin repairing itself.

Going for regular massages can also help you cope with chronic back pain, especially if the pain is located in one area. Applying heating pads and creams can also be beneficial.

Soaking in a warm bath with Epsom salts is another great way to manage your chronic back pain.

Remember, if struggling with chronic back pain, consult with your physician before starting a new exercise venture.

To the best of health & happiness,                                                                         Derrick M.                                                                                                      Online Marketer                                                                                                  Entreprenuer

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Stressed out people and their 7 habits you may not be aware of.

There’s so much that goes on in this world that if you are not very careful, you can cause much damage to yourself than you can image.

download (36) 4051fc9e-e2e7-4244-9502-b36f2f96eed6

Let’s begin our journey to  see more clearly and what to watch out for the “7 habits of stressed out people”.

1.Failing to prioritize.  Stressed out people often do not understand what they want from life and have therefore failed to prioritize what is important to them.

This leads to them feeling frustrated and blaming others when their needs are not met. The problem is that this is a no-win situation because the stressed person has set himself up to fail.

By working out your core values and priorities, you can set goals in accordance with these. You can then work out a clear plan to help you achieve your goals.

This, in turn, will lead to increased self-confidence and reduced stress.

2. Being unable to say no.
All too often we put others’ needs before our own. While it is hard to say no to someone you love, care about or respect, it is in fact vital to set boundaries or you will experience the feelings of resentment that so often cause unnecessary stress.

Taking on too much leads to you feeling overloaded and unable to cope, both of which can result in you feeling completely stressed out.

Learn to say no and you will find that other people respect you all the more for it.

3. Feeling unable to communicate.  Letting your friends and family know when you are feeling stressed is key to lowering that stress and maintaining good relationships.

Make time to sit down and explain how you are feeling and how others can help.

They will appreciate you taking them into your confidence and, more often than not, will be eager to do what they can to lighten your load.

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4. Criticizing and blaming others.  Criticism and blame are two of the most destructive things we can bring to any relationship.

Arguments and disagreements are a normal part of everyday life but it is vital to keep criticism and blame out of them as much as possible.

Learn to forgive and forget rather than poisoning yourself and your relationships with these two toxic habits.

5. Resisting change.  Change is inevitable in life but it is when we resist it that we cause ourselves a great deal of unnecessary stress.

Acceptance is key to a stress-free lifestyle. By learning to view change as an opportunity rather than a threat we can eliminate much of the stress associated with it.

6. Comparing ourselves with others.  Constantly comparing ourselves with other people is destructive and stressful.

It stops you focusing on your own talents, relationships and goals and often leads to lowered self esteem.

Concentrate on what is happening in your life and remember that you never really know the truth of someone else’s situation.

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7. Understanding your limits. A great deal of stress is caused by our failure to understand what we can and cannot control.

In this case is wise to remember the words of the serenity prayer:


Those are the 7 habits of stressed out people.

Thank you all for stopping by & have an awesome season!

To your stress-free lifestyle,                                                                              Derrick M.                                                                                                             Online Marketer                                                                                                 Entreprenuer

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How to quickly lose  pounds before the holiday?

The holidays are near and i know you want to look your grandest.

Can you just imagine ladies? Putting on the beautiful dress you adore and it’s fitting you perfectly.

Receiving compliments from family, friends and even strangers.

Hey gentlemen, same goes for you. You got your weight down the way you want it. You are now wearing your clothes well.

Bottom line is, “you feel good, you look good”!

images (45) images (52)

How to quickly lose pounds before the holiday take discipline and commitment, but actually, doesn’t necessarily take to much time

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Some may say, “hey Derrick, how is that so”?

Let me explain.

The way we’ve been taught about dieting ( the old traditional way), you know, exercise more and eat less.

Some starve their way to lose weight.

There are so many methods thrown out in the universe that plenty of those plans for weight loss is a joke.

In the U.S.A. alone, there’ over 60 million plus citizens are obese. That’s not a drop in the bucket.

That’s negative turn in our lives.




Have you notice how the pharmaceutical companies come out every year saying, they have the miracle weight loss formula?

The honest truth is they know that they can’t actually tell you how to lose those pound the right way because it will put a big dent in their profits.

There are people who are committed to getting in the best shape ever but takes them a long (feels like forever), to lose a pound or two in 30 days.

So they give up! They feel it’s a loss cause.

Losing weight the right way, it shouldn’t be a struggle. You shouldn’t have to wrestle with it.

But, don’t get me wrong, you do have to work at it and continue to work at it some more.

How would you feel if you begin your weight loss program and you start to see results immediately?

Not in 30 days but in 2-3 days? I believe that will motivate you in a way that you continue on to reach your goal.

There are people who are achieving their idea size to fit in their favorite clothes once again.

Check out this video testimony and judge for yourself:

There are people who are actually shredding off the excess fat that they were carry for years.

Without the use of:

  • Additive Diet Pills
  • Strenuous Exercise
  • Old Traditional way to loss fat
  • Starvation

How to quickly lose pounds before the holiday is right here in the palm of your hands.

I’m going to make it simple for you.

I’m going to give you a free gift on this simple method. You can start your swift journey to lose those pounds for the holiday season and move forward into the year 2017 with your head up high!

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To your health success,                                                                                     Derrick M.                                                                                                           Online Marketer                                                                                                 Entreprenuer

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Watch out for these deadly symptoms of stress because if overlooked, it can cause a negative domino effect that can ruin your world.

domino-1418251-1280x960 face-trying-to-cope-1557038-1279x959

Before we start to find out about the daily symptoms of stress, take heed to this:

When stress  dominates your life, you won’t know if you are coming or going.

Stress is the major causes of health issues (diseases), in our lives.

It breaks down your immune system so bad, that it allows foreign aliens to operate inside you to disrupt the balance of your well being.



Ok, since we have an idea what stress may do to our health, let’s take it a step further by raising our awareness of these daily symptoms of stress that we face.

Ready, Get Set and Go !!!!!

While there are many signs and symptoms of stress there are certain ones that should never be ignored. If you identify or experience any of these then you should immediately consult a medical practitioner. These potentially deadly symptoms include:

• A crushing pain in the chest that also radiates down the neck, shoulder and/or arm. This pain can feel as if something heavy is pressing down on your chest and may be brought on by exertion or exercise.

• Sudden, unexplained changes in your bowel habits that could include unusual constipation or diarrhea.

• An erratic or rapid pulse for no obvious reason especially if this occurs when you are at rest or apparently relaxed.

• Suicidal thoughts or an urge to harm yourself.

• Being unable to swallow your food properly and feeling as if it is sticking in your throat.

While some of these symptoms can be explained away simply as the result of stress, others, and especially the first, should be taken very seriously indeed.

A crushing pain in the chest that also radiates through the upper back, neck, arm or shoulder is a classic sign that you may be experiencing a heart attack. Sudden, unexplained changes in your bowel habits could indicate a number of diseases, including cancer, while suicidal thoughts are a clear indication that you need to seek an urgent intervention.

Along with these physical and mental symptoms there are a number of other situations in which stress can be considered to be having a dangerous level of impact upon your well-being and lifestyle.

If these situations occur, it is likely that you need to seek further help


All too often we underestimate the very real damage that stress can cause our emotional and physical health.

Governments and health professionals alike now understand the true cost of stress in terms of lost working days and increased need for specialist care.

We need to take stress just as seriously in order to prevent irreparable harm to ourselves and our loved ones.



Some of these dangerous and potentially deadly situations include:

• Relationships that are severely impacted by your stress symptoms.

• Feelings of inadequacy or hopelessness.

• Starting or increasing intake of alcohol or cigarettes or other harmful substances.

• Loss of libido.

• Lack of enjoyment in everyday life and activities.

• Feeling as if you have to struggle simply to stay on top of things.


If these situations are not dealt with, then they may well lead to some of the deadly symptoms of stress outlined above.

As they are severe in nature it is advisable to consult a health professional such as a counselor or doctor so that you may receive the correct treatment.

This may include counselling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, making the appropriate lifestyle changes and possibly medication.

In almost all cases early intervention has excellent results, helping to prevent potentially life-threatening symptoms of stress.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing.

To your best health,                                                                                           Derrick M.                                                                                                           Online Marketer                                                                                                 Entreprenuer

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How to quickly eliminate stress is one major challenges we face from time to time.

Stress is in the world and it will remain as time goes on. The bad thing about stress is “when it overtakes you”.



Can you truly eliminate stress from your life?

Yes you can! It’s the negative stress that you must become master over.

First, let’s go over in detail, what is stress?

Now that we know a little about stress, let’s see how dangerous negative stress causes to our mind & body.

Negative stress has  an effect on the:

  • Digestive system
  • Causes Headaches
  • Increased risk of heart attack
  •  Increased risk of strokes
  •  Increased risk of certain cancers
  •  High blood pressure
  •  Lowered immune and inflammatory responses in the body.


The good and healthy thing about stress that if balanced properly can give you more control over your life.

It helps keep you:

  • focused
  • Keeps boredom away
  • Provides awareness
  • Balance

Good stress is needed!

Here are the hacks to use to eliminate stress out of your life.

  1. Before you start your day use positive affirmations. It will help put your mind in more  control over negative stress.
  2. Exercise. This is a great time to get physical and release a little steam. Help soothe your mind and focus on other matters that brings satisfaction.
  3. Get a spa treatment. Go remove those impurities from your system. It will bring some relief!
  4. Go have lunch. Sometimes getting out of the office can help by looking at a different scenery.
  5. Be social. Get together with friends, go to a ball game, go dancing or go fishing. Whatever helps to get your life back. Being social is having life.

The key to this is to learn to have fun and learn to relax.



There are other methods you can use to help eliminate stress before it can create havoc in your life and your family as well.

This disease is not for only adults. It’s raging war against our young ones as well. It’s not a respecter of persons.

Today, take this special gift that will help you overcome some of the ill effects of stress and become a master over it. Click the helpful link below.


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To your best health,                                                                                            Derrick M.                                                                                                            Online Marketer                                                                                                  Entrepreuer



Help keep our seniors healthy is a major concern among most.

This is a trying time in their lives and ours as well. But the good thing we can do is give them emotional, physical and spiritual comfort


Let’s find out how to play a big part to help keep our seniors healthy:

  1. Be Sociable. Senior’s enjoy their time with family and friends. It satisfying and it also wards off the “negative stress”.
  2. Go for Walks. If your senior is capable, take them for a simple stroll through the park, no a nature trail or to the local retail store.
  3. Teach them new things. As the world spins, things are evolving rapidly. Teach them about how to communicate through social media (facebook, twitter), how to use their smartphone, a new dance (they may be able to show you a few moves).
  4. Call Them. They love to hear your voice. It may soothe them at a trying moment. Remember this one!
  5. Ask for Advice. Many seniors love to give advice. They have come a long way. They have many stories to tell. So listen closely.images (2)
  6. Watch Their Favorite Show Together.  Whether it’s in black and white, comedy, cartoon, movies, game shows, or court tv, just enjoy the moment with them.
  7. Exercise. Take them to a yoga class, pilates workout for seniors or their favorite gym. Just get them to move!
  8. Cook Together. “Moma Mia, that’s a spicey meatball”. You’ll be surprise what you will learn in the senior’s kitchen. I can taste those good ol’ homemade biscuits my granny use to make. Um-Um Good!biscuit
  9. Help Clean Up. This is one issue that must be addressed. Seniors may be very picky about what they want done in or outside their home. Volunteer to help them. If you have a major concern, talk it over with them first and show them the benefits of getting the job done! Walk them thru it with easy.
  10. Always Show Love. Our senior’s needed it. It will give them some hope, encouragement and faith to keep pressing forward.


Our seniors love our support and they need us to help them from time to time.

The worst thing that we can do for our seniors is to ignore them. They are not dead. They are still alive and well. They just move at a slower pace.

Let’s help keep our seniors healthy to the best of our ability. Remember this:

“As long as we are among the living, we too will reach our senior age“.

Thank you so much for your time and share this blog post at will!

Here’s to our best seniors health,                                                                        Derrick M.                                                                                                          Online Marketer                                                                                                  Entreprenuer

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Walk your way to a longer life is one of the most simply ways to build a stronger defensive mechanism.

download (73)

Look what happens when you walk 5 times a week for only 30 minutes a day:

  • A healthy and stronger heart
  • Stress Reliever
  • Weight Loss
  • Tone Muscles
  • Better Sleeping Habits
  • and much more…

This is truly a awesome life we all want to live!

By the way, this form of exercise can by handle with more ease than most exercises.

Most of us can walk. Some can’t run and some dislike it period.

With walking,  it’s easier on the joints (knees, ankles).

If walking is your idea plan and you are just beginning, take a look at this short clip below:

It’s simple but effective!


I would like at this moment to share a great article by Taylor Lupo called:

“Walk Your Way to Better Health”

Here’s Taylor!




A good pair of walking shoes and a few minutes each day are all you need to boost your mood and improve your health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend adults perform two and a half hours of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, like walking, each week. That’s only 30 minutes, five times a week!


According to Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, areas with the greatest walkability to any address were correlated with lower rates of obesity, diabetes and chronic pain, and residents of those areas felt more confident about their physical appearance.


Walk this way for the most benefits.



Lose Weight


Performing the recommended amount of exercise each week is great—but sneaking in a little extra can do wonders for your waistline. About 300 minutes of exercise a week, or one hour each day, is enough to control weight.


Optimize your walking and burn more calories with interval training. Interval  training is a combination of short bursts of intense activity and periods of lighter activity, which can increase weight loss.


Start simple. As you’re walking, pick a spot ahead. Increase your pace until you reach it, then reduce your speed. Continue this pattern throughout your walk.



Decrease Diabetes Risk

Walking has the potential to manage and decrease a person’s risk of type 2 diabetes—a condition which prevents the body from properly using insulin. Over time, type 2 diabetes can damage the heart, nerves, eyes and kidneys.


Weight is the primary risk factor of type 2 diabetes, so it’s important to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Walking is an easy way to sneak in a workout—and one study found that people who walked regularly had a 12.3 percent lower risk of diabetes.


Interval training can burn more calories to promote weight loss. Try this two-minute walking interval exercise. Alternate between two minutes of moderately-paced walking and one minute of fast walking.



Make Your Heart Healthy

Heart disease can be scary, but walking can reduce your risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which can lead to heart disease. Shockingly, running and walking have about the same effect per mile of lowering the risk of heart disease. Someone who runs a mile gets the same benefits as someone who walks a mile. In a six-year study involving approximately 48,000 people (33,060 runners and 15,045 walkers), walking decreased a person’s risk of hypertension by 7.2 percent, high cholesterol by 7 percent and coronary heart disease by 9.3 percent. Running reduced a person’s risk of hypertension by 4.2 percent, high cholesterol by 4.3 percent and coronary heart disease by 4.5 percent.



Reduce Stress

Work, relationships and money can be stressful, but hitting the sidewalk can help alleviate it. How? Exercise releases endorphins, chemicals in the brain that fight pain and reduce stress.


Exhale your stress and anxiety before your walkwith a few minutes of stretching! Loosen your calves, hips and chest to reduce your risk of injury and increase blood flow.


Slow Mental Decline

An occasional memory lapse is normal, especially as we get older, but walking may help reduce lapses in memory and slow cognitive decline. A study of 6,000 women over the age of 65 suggests that 24 percent of women who walked less than half of a mile each week experienced a decline in memory; of those who walked about two and a half miles each day, only 17 percent experienced a cognitive decline during the six to eight year follow-up period.


Try mixing running to your walking routine. Incorporate short bursts of jogging or sprinting into your daily activity with a 20-10 interval—walk about 20 feet, and sprint or jog for 10 feet.



Improve Sleep

A brisk morning walk can set your body up for restful sleep at night. Exercise, like walking, boosts melatonin production, a natural sleep hormone found in your body. One study suggests postmenopausal women who get three and a half hours of exercise each week had an easier time falling asleep than those who exercised less.


It’s possible to fit walking into even the busiest schedule. Check out Sharecare’s walking fitness plan to find answers to your walk-related questions and concerns, and a plan to get you started.



Live Longer

 The secret to a longer life might be a good pair of sneakers. One study suggests people in their 50s and 60s who exercise regularly are 35 percent less likely to die within eight years than those who don’t.


Not sure where to start? Join Sharecare’s October 10K Steps A Day Challenge.


Achieve Your Goals With Friends

Belonging to a group of supportive friends is the most influential thing you can do for your health and wellness. A Moai is a group of people gathering for a common purpose, including fitness. Try forming a Walking Moai with your family, friends and neighbors; not only will you form lifelong bonds, but you’ll hold each other accountable in achieving your goals, too.

There you have it. May we always find you in the best of health and remember to walk your way to a longer life

Derrick M.                                                                                                            Online Marketer                                                                                                  Entreprenuer

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There are 20 reasons why you are bloated and how to get a flat belly.

Many people today are facing this dilemma.

Get the scoop on what is causing you to bloat from this blog post below.

images (33)

The Food You Eat


1. Foods that are well-known gas causers..  Every time I think we are all familiar with this list, I find someone who isn’t. These commonly consumed foods, many of them healthy in their own right, are capable of making some feel like a rapidly expanding hot air balloon. Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, beans, soy, gluten and dairy products all have a long record of bringing on the bloat.

2. Salt..  Excessive salt consumption, particularly when combined with low water intake and/or a low mineral intake will actually pull water from your cells and deposit it in the spaces between cells, giving you the appearance of holding water and making you feel puffy.

3. Sugar alcohols and fake sweeteners.. You’ve got to respect the maltitol. Anyone who has accidentally overeaten sugar-free candies knows exactly what I am talking about here. Sugar alcohols are not broken down by the human GI tract, remaining whole. They pull fluid and gas into the intestine. Xylitol, sorbitol and mannitol are also capable of exerting these effects. Fake sugars like Splenda, aspartame and others can also create these issues. Read those labels, folks, particularly in protein bars and protein shakes. Gum chewers who can’t pin down why they are bloated should consider their gum chewing habit.

4. Foods you are sensitive to.. Many of us are walking around with a food sensitivity we are not aware of, because, well, we’ve always eaten that food! Finding and removing food sensitivities from your diet is a project you want to pursue if you have been having chronic gastrointestinal distress in spite of being told that you are “fine”.

5. FODMAPs.. This acronym stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols. It’s a big mouthful that refers to certain types of carbohydrates and fibers that are highly fermentable (gas-causing) to the gut bacteria. FODMAPs are in a wide variety of foods, but do not inherently cause bloating for everyone. They are most problematic for those with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth).

(Read: FODMAPs and IBS – What You Need To Know

6. Foods that aren’t appropriate for any diagnosis you may have..

Like FODMAPs with IBS and SIBO, there are some foods that don’t work well in certain conditions, no matter how healthy. Examples of this are nightshades (white potatoes, tomatoes, bell pepper, eggplant) in those with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and gluten in those with autoimmune conditions.

Solution: The most reliable way to sort out which foods do what to your body does not lie with any test (though IgG food sensitivity testing can help guide, it is by no means definitive), but with an elimination-challenge diet. No test, checklist or hunch of a natural health guru trumps your own experience.


The Way You Eat


7. Not chewing well.. Chewing helps pre-digest food by mechanically breaking it down and biochemical breaking it down via enzymes found in the saliva. When you don’t chew well, it puts more mechanical and biomechanical stress on the stomach and small intestine to break things down. This, in turn, can bring on the bloat.

8. Eating on the run.. Shoveling food down as you stand next to the sink or the fridge does nothing to help prep your brain and gastrointestinal system to help you digest your food.

9. Overeating.. Overconsumption of any food can create gas and bloating, for very similar reasons as not chewing your food does. A greater volume of food requires more energy and resources for breaking it down.


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