Learn How To Relax for better health.

We’re living in a time today where there is much “hustle & bustle” going on.

You know, got to go-go-go! That’s okay for a moment. It is necessary to get things done to stay on top of the situation.

But, there must be a time out period in your life where you must learn how to relax.

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Yes, you are working with a 24 hour clock. You must able to divide your time up wisely so you want self-destruct.

Some of us believe that it’s always important to stay busy. I’m here to tell you, it’s not always necessary.

The human body is a wonderful mechanism, but, it is built with only so much endurance.

You exercise, meditate, eat properly and practice good sleep habits. The body can appreciate you keeping it finely tune, but, there is still a line you must draw for relaxation.


We love to be the “super hero” for ourselves & family. We do at times take that position overboard.

 and find ourselves in a place we really don’t want to stay in & try our best to keep away from. That is someone’s hospital bed.

Learn how to relax and enjoy life because that’s what it’s all about.


At the end of the day, when you get home, you want to exhale in comfort. You truly want to relax awhile.

The body, mind and spirit needs to readjust after so much stress was given to it during the day.

Putting your health first is something important you should always consider.

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What are the benefits to relaxing:

  • it puts your mind at ease
  • it improves your coping skills
  • it helps to improve patience
  • you can enjoy life more.
  • your breathing is better
  • it takes your stress level way down

Learn how to relax by getting away from your regular routine by taking a romantic getaway or retreat


You will not be able to enjoy relaxation to it’s fullest until you give yourself a chance to really try it.

Even between your running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, you can take a five minute breathing session to gain control over your activities and stay focus a bit longer.

Learn how to relax by using some healthy yoga moves. This technique (which is about 3,000 years old), has produce excellent results for the young & old. Click Here Now!

To use better relaxation techniques, do:

  1. Vocal Affirmations.  I preferred you do this at home in the beginning of your day and when you turn it in for the night.  Look into a mirror & say, “peace & relaxation abides all in me.” Do it for thirty days & watch how you become so connected with your affirmation.
  2. Visualization.  The technique does good wonders. Sit in a comfortable position. Inhale, then, exhale slowly. Close your eyes and see yourself in a perfect setting full of relaxation & peace. This works!
  3. Take Photos.  Take photos of things that brings comfort and smiles to your face. Something that you can see that brings you to total serenity.
  4. Spa Time.  Go out and get rid of that weekly stress by going to your favorite spa center. That will put relaxation in high gear for you!

Learn how to relax is challenging, but, with patience & consistency, you can keep you life on the healthy path.

Thanks so much for your time & viewing,                                                         Derrick M                                                                                                           Online “Educating” Marketer                                                                            Entreprenuer

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Aging Gracefully is one of the ultimate ways to live life.

Have you ever met a person who lived at the age of one hundred? You can not reach that number in a hurry.

Most people who live their life at that age, normally takes life pretty slow. They have learn several techniques on how to avoid the pitfalls of life by mastering living with calmness.


I like to tell you a story of my grandmother, who passed away a few years back. If you don’t mind.

My grandmother was a independent woman. She did a lot of things on her on. She had children, but, she wasn’t the type to wait around for help.

She was active. Very active. She took public transportation to and fro to handle her everyday care.

I used to meet up with her from time to time on the bus and she would always, i mean always give me some encouraging words for the day.

She would say, ” Keep your head up, stay away from negative people and take life slow.”

I would smile. 

I replied, “Thanks grandmom, you always have the right things to say.”

I was going through a difficult time at the moment. I was young, couldn’t find work and my grandmother would always inspire me.

So i saw my grandmother again on the bus and i asked her what was her formula for the good life and long health? She said, “aging gracefully and slowly.”

She said also, ” here’s my 7 pointers to take heed too.”


They are truly golden nuggets of wisdom on aging gracefully.

Ready? Let go!!

  1. Women should always educate her baby  while it’s in the womb. That’s very important.  So, if a woman is pregnant with child & studying  health, it goes into the child also as a way of the child being fed.
  2. Laziness make you age faster. No hope, no dreams and no ambition, kills life. She says, “always stay active, to the best of your ability.”
  3. Cook at home. This is the best way to make sure you get all your nutrients that will give you the fuel you need. If possible, grow your own veggie garden.
  4. Make family time priority. This is critical to keep up with family interest, what’s new own the horizon and detect a problem before it gets out of hand. Always help keep everyone on one accord.
  5. Love yourself.  She told me and looked me dead in my eyes and said, “If you don’t love and care for yourself, how can you love and care for others. How can you have mental, spiritual, and physical health, if love is not part of your everyday living. Always love yourself.
  6. Read continuously. Education is your real source of vitamins and minerals in another form. Reading something that will increase your knowledge to better prepare you for a higher and healthier lifestyle.
  7. Last of the aging gracefully tips, help those who are less fortunate as you. She told me, it doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary. It can be just listening to a friend whose in mourn. Take your grandparents to the doctor’s office. Volunteer to cook dinner for the family. Be helpful!

My dear grandmother reached the age of 95 before her passing on. She died peacefully. Thanks grandmother for your love.

Aging gracefully is the the best way to becoming older. Taking life slow and easy.


Learn to take life one-day-at-a-time to enjoy those healthy benefits.

Thanks for your time & viewing,                                                                         Derrick M.                                                                                                            Online “Educating” Marketer                                                                           Entreprenuer

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 3000 Year Old Method is Still Saving Lives




You Deserve To Have A Healthy Lifestyle. It’s worth fighting for!

You only have one life. With this one life, you were given choices.

One of those choices were, you can maintain the highest form of life that we all dream of. That is:

  • Free from sickness
  • Friends from all walks of life
  • Having a career you’re passionate about
  • No worries for money
  • Total happiness

Or, you can choose the another route:

  • Always sick
  • Money worries
  • No companion
  • Drama king or queen

Whether you believe it or not, you deserve to have a healthy lifestyle.

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When we were born, the number one concern of our parents was for us to grow up healthy and be able to endure the challenges we will face.

To have a healthy lifestyle, you must have complete balance. There should not be too much of one thing & very little of another.


If your focus, for instance, is your business, you should make space for exercise, vacations,  family time,  because if it’s all business, than life can become awkward, stressful, painful and imbalanced.

Healthy Living: 8 Steps To Take Today!

Listen to this, even if you decide not to read another word on this helpful post (I hope that doesn’t happen).

Ready? The best way to be at your best, to take care of your family and be of help to your friends, you need to become “selfish.”  You must get your life & health in order, first.

This is the best way (in my opinion), to become selfish.

I know, when we were younger, we were taught to share and care for one another. Being selfish was wrong.  In that state, yes.

If your health is broken, badly damaged, how can you be of aid to anyone when you need aid yourself.

It’s our job as human beings to give ourselves the up-most care first then we can properly care for others. That’s called: L-O-V-E

Truly,  you deserve to have a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know that if you followed the dietary law, from when you were a baby,

   the average life expectancy is 120 years.

This is for today’s time. This maybe hard to digest.  If you really care for yourself like you should:

  1. Eat plenty of vegetables & fruit
  2. Drink plenty of clean water
  3. Get your proper sleep & rest
  4. Be sociable
  5. Laugh
  6. Love long
  7. Exercise

These are the principles for a long, victorious & a health-filled life.

120 years of life is not a long time on Earth. There are records, according to disabled-world.com, that states, “The oldest confirmed recorded age for any human ever born is 122 years of age…”

Your journey to a healthy lifestyle begins with your first step which is having a positive way you look at your life and the good habits you create.



Some may not understand your mission & what you are set out to accomplish. Your health is bigger than anything you’re trying to or have achieve.

Living this life does not always have to be work. It is work, don’t get me wrong. It take discipline to master this lifestyle.


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Do you deserve to have a healthy lifestyle?

Of course you do!

One of the best ways to have it is: Take Your Vacation. This is critical. You have to get away from it all sometimes.


Look at the photos above. You have to find ways to bring your joy back or maintain it.

There is also, times when you and your significant other need quality time away from the children because raising children is like being a doctor.

It’s a 24 hr. job. You are always on call. My hat goes off to the beautiful moms & dads for you commitment & dedication to parenthood. 

The toughest job (to me), on the planet.

Here’s a tip before leaving on vacation, “whatever you do, do not bring any distractions with you.”

That means laptops, desktop computer (you’ll be amazed what people will bring), bills, etc..

When you’re going away for a while, you’re entering into a whole new world. A different atmosphere. Fresh air. Smiling faces. You get it.

So the world you’re getting away from for a while, don’t bring with you. LEAVE IT AT HOME! (smile)

Vacations give you time to release the:

  • frustrations
  • negative stress (Learn More Here)
  • hustle & bustle
  • everyday routine

So, on your return home (ahh, don’t cry), 

you will be refreshed, rejuvenated, pumped up with mental clarity. And , in most cases, you’ll have a better approach, uplifting ways of doing things.

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Can you see how balance plays an important role in your health menu.  You have to treat balance like your credit cards, “carry it everywhere with you.”

You got it? Good!  Let’s move on.

Gentlemen, that’s right, you.

I know we are the builders of society. We want the best for ourselves & families. We must work to provide.

But, we need to learn how to draw the line between work & family.

We can’t forget the importance of quality time with them. If you deserve to have a healthy lifestyle, you must incorporate this principal within your heart.


This is critical for health-building, gentlemen.

So, when you’re time is free, take the family to the park, walk the dog with them, show them how to build & fly a kite.

These activity  I’m speaking of, is the same I did for my own family. I had a ball! When I went back to work, I felt renewed. I was ready to take on the world!

Excuse my ranger outfit. That’s the only photo I had at the moment (lol)!

Well, I’m going to wrap this one up. You deserve to have a healthy lifestyle and indeed, it’s worth fighting for!

Thank you for your time & viewing this blog post,                                          Derrick M.                                                                                                           Online “Educating” Marketer                                                                           Entreprenuer

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Brain Power. How To Keep It In High Gear. Full Steam Ahead!

The brain is a complex mechanism, but, it is very unique. It has several ways it can be fed.

Through learning, exercise & through food.



Brain Power & Learning

Learning is a different kind of exercise for the brain. It dissects the material, absorbs it & forms an idea through imagery. Painting pictures in your mind.

The more healthy things you learn, the more healthy things you produce & the more brain power you gain.

Physical Exercise

Staying fit is the key to longevity, good health & better sleeping habits.

Okay Derrick, that makes sense, but, how can you physically exercise the brain? I’m glad you asked.

Well, you can’t physically give the brain weights or make it do push-ups or sit-ups (smile).

When you give the body a good workout, you produce oxygen for the body & brain. The brain needs it for survival.

The more oxygen, the more brain power & also the brain has a tendency to expand when it is healthy & active. Learn More Here

Food That Gives Your Brain A Boost

The right foods has a positive impact on the health of your brain. Whole foods. Organic, non-GMO ( genetically modified organisms), foods is your best choice.

Let’s see what foods creates the winning results for brain power.

To start your day, you want foods that’s going to help you to stay focus & help you remember. Like, whole grains (bread-cereal), which contains foliate that raises oxygen-rich blood to the brain.

Cashews, almonds, pecans are good to boost memory. Cashews are also allows more oxygen to the brain.

Berries are good to help prevent brain cell damage. It strengthens the brain by aiding with cognitive skills.

Pumpkin seeds helps boost your mood & stimulate your brain power. It also increase memory, think clearly & remember much more. Sunflower seeds works as well.


Spinach, Tomatoes, Avocados, Cabbage allows increase blood flow to the brain.

It helps protect your brain from “free radicals” that causes damage to the brain.

By learning & thinking the right thoughts, exercising regularly and eating the proper foods, your brain power will be in full swing!

Thank you so much for your time & viewing,                                                   Derrick M.                                                                                                           Online “Educating” Marketer                                                                           Entreprenuer

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This Belly Fat Must Go Now! I can’t take this no more.

“I want to lose my belly fat.” How many times have you said that to the mirror in the morning, afternoon or evening?

It’s vital to recall that you can’t just lose fat around your belly. Exercise can help you lose that ugly fat all over your whole body.


The only way to target this area is with exercises that tone muscles. These exercises will tighten and make your muscles in your belly area smaller.


So when you do lose fat over your whole body, the fat loss will look more dramatic in your belly even though it will be about the same as everywhere else.

 Nice abs!

So there’s no magic bullet when it comes to this belly fat. If you just do the right things for losing fat overall, you’ll lose it.

It’s the same formula people have been giving for many years about losing weight and getting in shape. Aggressive exercise and healthy eating will help you lose pound-for-pound.

Aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, swimming and aerobic dancing are good for this.

Any exercise that helps you get your heart rate up and helps you burn calories will help you lose fat everywhere including this belly fat.

Exercises that aren’t necessarily fast moving,  can really make a dramatic difference, too. Yoga, for instance, is usually not a fast pace exercise because it’s done with slow and steady movements.

But if you do it and you focus on your core muscles that are in your abdomen,  in your back, you’ll see a huge difference pretty quickly as long as you’re eating correctly and burning fat.

Pilates is another good one for losing this belly fat. These are pretty controlled movements like yoga that focus in that area.


It’s believed that if you strengthen your core muscles which are in your abdomen and your back, you can easily get the rest of your body in shape.

If you do these in addition to your regular aerobic exercise,  you’ll see a very admirable difference in your stomach.

And as long as you’re burning fat,  it will look like you’ve lost a lot of belly fat. In fact, if you do nothing different and just take up yoga and Pilates, your stomach area will get smaller.

Exercises that target the stomach muscles, can really speed up the appearance of fat loss.

Crunches and side to side crunches that really work those muscles in connection to all the other things you’re doing can help.

Start a few times a week for top results. And don’t give up on walking, jogging or whatever exercise you’re doing to get your heart rate up 4 to 5 times a week.

So next time you’re thinking, “this belly fat must go,” just keep doing the healthy thing.

Thank you for your time & i hope this helps,                                                   Derrick M.                                                                                                           Online “Educating” Marketer                                                                           Entreprenuer

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Zumba: Take Your Health To Another Level

It’s time to discover the “big buzz” around town about the benefits of this fancy-dancing exercise called, Zumba. CLICK HERE!

So many people pretty much figure that Zumba is nothing more than a geek up fitness program.

The truth be told,, it is a dance technique that took several years to develop. Zumba is comprised of a Latin dance concept which is set to music.

Latin dance naturally has slow and fast steps and by turning this into an exercise routine you are using interval training to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Zumba has many benefits including being a great calorie burner. On the average, most Zumba classes last for one hour.

It is not rare for someone to burn between 400 to 500 calories per class. You should try to attend a workout session, at least  2 to 3 times a week.

While learning Zumba,  you will acknowledge that your control and balance improves.

If you have difficulty with the moves, then you should consider taking the Zumba Gold level first.

This is ideal for those who have not exercised in a long time or who have mobility or movement issues.

Seniors can enjoy Zumba as well and can attain great benefits from taking a class.

The class will allow you to keep your muscles sturdy and strong. It also, will help you to burn extra calories so you don’t gain weight as you age.

Invite It In Your Home Today!

Zumba also helps to improve your mental concentration and focus. Many people find that they can do more activities after enrolling in the classes for a couple of times.

Being fit increases the hormones in your body that make you feel great. This has a double effect of increasing your ability to feel better of oneself .

You will find that you are able to relax more and that you can handle stress and anxiety better. Plus, just getting out and meeting people is a great social boost. CLICK HERE!

The classes don’t get boring as there are so many dance tunes and steps to use.

You can easily stick to a Zumba program for a long time. Your self-motivation will be high as you enjoy the classes so much. It won’t feel like a chore going to a workout (YES)!

While learning Zumba,  you can also learn about the traditions and cultures that belong to this Latin music culture.

Many routines are set to other international rhythms so you experience a whole world of dance moves.

As you can see & tell, there is so much to win by learning Zumba. Your overall health and enjoyment will gain momentum  and you will look forward to your weekly  classes.

I hoped you enjoyed this blog post & thank you much for your time,             Derrick M.                                                                                                           Online “Educating” Marketer                                                                           Entreprenuer






Green Tea- The Free Radical Remover.

What is a free radical? I figured you would ask me that ??????? How did I know? I smell you thinking. 

Let me give you a scenario of a free radical and it’s job.

Take an apple. 

Leave it where it is. Come back about a hour or so.  When you return, guess what?  It changes color.

What helped it change color is the “free radical” doing it’s job. It’s job is to cause damage, wreak havoc & create sickness & disease to our magnificent structure (the body).

That’s why it’s imperative that we intake “anti-oxidants” as much as possible to combat & stop those deadly free radicals in it’s tracks, that’s out for destruction.

Green tea is one of the great free radical removers of our times today.

Green tea has been a part of the human diet for many centuries ago; dating to prehistoric times.

While it has traditionally been enjoyed by people in Asia, it is becoming more and more popular in Western society.

There is little question that one of the reasons for this boost in popularity is due to the health effects of green tea.

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Herbalists and those practicing alternative medicine have long said that “green tea is healthy”.

However, it is only recently that scientific and medical studies have been able to show verifiable health benefits of green tea.

Although it is good for your health, not everybody likes to their green tea the same way. We aren’t just talking about adding a dash of honey or a splash of milk.

Here are three different forms of green tea.

Tea leaves. This is the way most people take their green tea. You take some green tea leaves (including the stems) and steep them in boiling water.

The longer you steep them, the more flavor, and health giving nutrients you’ll extract from the leaves. Once it is steeped to your liking, strain out the leaves and sip at your leisure.

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Some people are under the wrong impression that throwing out the green tea leaves is the same as throwing away the health-giving benefits, but this isn’t the case.

Yes, there will still be some compounds left in the tea leaves, but the hot water will actually draw a lot of them out.

So, you may get more nutrition if you eat the whole plant, but you can still drink green tea and boost your health at the same time. But, what if there was a way to take in the whole plant?

What we are talking about is green tea powder, also known as matcha. This is the entire tea plant, with all of its nutrients left intact, but it is finely ground.

This is a high quality product and it can be a bit pricey. But as it has all parts of the tea plant, it will get the most value for your money.

However, not all powdered green tea is the “good stuff”. There is also processed tea powder (adding preservatives and other chemicals), but it is not the same thing.

Make sure the label says “matcha”, or only contains tea as an ingredient. Another clue is if it is really cheap. If so, remember that you will get what you paid for, which is of less quality.

Then we have green tea pills. The claim is that they take all of the healthy compounds found in green tea and put them into the form of a pill.

This can sound appealing and is convenient as there is no need to wait for the tea to get done brewing, and it can be cheaper than high quality green tea powder.

If you want to try these pills, be sure to get them from a supplement maker that you are aware of. This will help ensure you are really getting what they say you’re getting.

Thanks for your time & viewing today. Good health to all!                              Derrick M.                                                                                                            Online “Educating” Marketer                                                                          Entreprenuer

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Healthy Emotions: How To Stay Out Of Harms Way.

It’s conflicting to be optimistic all the time.
Possessing a good attitude. Seeing the bright side to everything. Life’s challenging enough as it is apparent, sometimes it really *is* right and adequate to really express ones self.

You are aware, emotions build up. Or should I say, energies build up & increase. It is just like a stress starting to climb – hardly observable to begin with, then increasing more.

The pressure grows, the energy becomes denser and tighter. After which, here comes the point where the body requires to have this pressure removed or else THE BODY starts to break.

It seriously starts to bring imbalance to the body and mind –  once people blow their tops, they start yelling or the tears begin to pour.

Of course, the reason for this is a interruption inside of the body. A closure in the flow that causes the normal energy to flow back up and creates this tension.

When you take down the blockage, the energy rushes  out and phew – what a relief! 

That’s when people at large say, \”Oh that’s so weird, that feeling isn’t there anymore – I feel fine now!\”
The classical EFT ( Emotion Freedom Technique), effect, if you will.


But here’s our special application – wailing.
Whining or wailing is an activity to *express* saved emotions just as much as an anxiety attack or a temper outburst – just with a lower of the scale. Wailing, whining are good healthy emotions!

At this place, we’re talking about hindering not in the \”life-and-death\” systems of the body but,  more like an irksome pain or a thorn in the leg.

Nevertheless, if the pressure is too bad, sometime, subsequently,  we whine – regarding the government, about our spouses, our young ones, our finances, the climate, anything really to release the pressure for some time.

Interestingly, if citizens were allowed to whine more frequently to their partners, their co-workers and people they don’t know in the street, they might be a bit more healthy as time passes by.

But our 21st century First World civilization, frowns upon those who whine, accusing them of having a bad mindset.

Shunning these guys at gatherings and looking over them for promotions.
We soon discover that whining is NOT how to make buddies and influence people (excluding to walk away rapidly with a sense of disgust!) and guess what?

What happens to the unexpressed stress develop which could have been unveil with a jolly good, \”Oh I’m so tired! It’s so unfair! Whaaa …\”?

Well of course, it will have to be *expressed* *somehow* – in perhaps more harmful methods.

In addictive habits like:

  • in taking too much food 
  • in repetitive behavior, exercise, compulsive cleaning or working

and of course, there are many substances that can come to our aid, producing  and forcing us move somewhere else temporarily while we are still oblivious to that pressure …

So I have decided that wailing is indeed, healthy and should be critically tackled on a regular basis from a prophylactic mental and physical health measure.


Hopefully, we can use EFT  to target and unblock the energy flow which causes the whining to begin with.

Thus, not only drain the metaphorical/energetic puss out of the boil,  but, simply heal what caused the boil in the first place.

So, more whining will lead to less anguish and eventually, we are going to really able to display that \”good frame of mind\” of fortitude, pro-activity, vigor and courage we have pretended to have for oh so long.
So, without any further ado, here is:

The EFT Wailing Protocol
1. Whenever the time is correct, talk over the EFT protocol that’s at hand.
2. Think about something that really annoys you about your life.

Please note: we are not talking about major past issues of trauma and abuse in this case, but something you could really whine about,  in no uncertain terms . Pick your topic. Take a deep breath and start whining.

Example:  “Ok, about my wife. She really gets on my nerves. Always wanting to watch TV, can’t get her off the couch with a forklift truck! And that’s the least of it. The other day, she actually (insert next item) …\”

3. As you whine, you tap. You may tap randomly or intuitively, or simply just tap the whole round.  All through the whine.

When you get to the Karate Chop point, you start again.
Please note: The tapping tends to get faster as you get into the whine. That’s alright. That’s a natural response for  healthy emotions.

4. Continue until you:
a) run out of things to tap on;
b) feel a lot better;
c) start laughing;
d) somehow forgotten what you were tapping on.

To sum up:
Wailing is a natural human activity that denotes the need for an energy release. Expressing healthy emotions may help us during the course of our day.

In and of itself,  it is very healthy and prevents the need for escalation into cocaine abuse, panic attacks, road rage and psychosomatic illness.

However, when the activity of whining is paired with the release and un-blocking effects of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), mind-body health is served in a profound way.

The EFT Wailing Protocol is thereby fully recommended as a prophylactic measure and method for all. Healthy emotions is what to live by.

Thanks for stopping by & viewing. Have a great day!

Derrick M.                                                                                                           Online “Educating” Marketer                                                                            Entreprenuer

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Children & obesity. It’s growing like wildfire & how we as concern parents should take a deeper look into this matter.

Last year, in an article by the “American Heart Association>Healthy Kids”:

About 1 in 3 American kids & teens is overweight or obese.                               They also stated that:

The prevalence of obesity in children more than tripled. Childhood obesity is now the #1 health concern among parents topping drug use & smoking.

Parents, let’s be honest for a moment. Our children are following someones advice.

They are looking up to some authoritive figure. whether it’s:

  • family (parents, in-laws, steps)
  • friends
  • teachers
  • television
  • and who ever they’re in close range to

Parents, we are the ones who are responsible for our children’s health & well being.

Also, I notice this (in most cases), if the parents are overweight or obese, so are the children.

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Children & obesity is a growing epidemic & getting worst.  It has risen dramatically, leaving many people wondering how this problem got to be so far out of control.

Well parents, it’s time for a new paradigm shift. We have to separate children & obesity, once & for all. We must take a solid oath to ourselves & family to strive to get our children back to a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s 5 top recommended steps to aid you in putting your children on the right health path.


1.) Put Restrictions On The Television. According to the “New York Daily News”, the average American watches at least 5 hrs. of television per day. That’s 35 hrs. per week, 140 hrs. per month and 1,680 hrs. per year.


That’s a lot of hrs. in a day to be entertained. That’s less time for physical activities which is not good.

2.) Remove The Face Happy Foods. What do i mean, face-happy-foods? Fast foods, which are high in fat & sugar. Your child may smile or get happy when you take them to their favorite fast food restaurant….

But, will make them sicker as time moves forward. Give them the best healthy foods that life has to offer. More fruits & veggies.

Teach them the value of eating healthy. Take them grocery shopping, but, you are in control of what goes in the basket. That’s one way to separate children & obesity.

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3.) Get The Kids Moving. Kids are full of venture & excitement. You can help channel that energy. Take them swimming, bicycling, hiking or whatever’s active. Just get them moving. They will thank you later!


4.) Eat A Breakfast Together. This will get them started in the morning & usually  keep them from feeling sluggish. Make sure there’s fruit on the menu which is a great source of “feel good & pick me up power”.

5.) And Lastly, You’re Being Watched. Since this is the case, you need to lead by example. You are (to your children), the representative of good health. You must, by all means, portray that image everyday (smile). As you watch them, they are watching you too.

 They’re looking healthy & smart already.

This is a topic that needs dire attention. Let’s make it possible to stay healthy each day. So our children & obesity never occupy the same space & time.

Thank you for your time & viewing,                                                                  Derrick M.                                                                                                            Online “Educating” Marketer                                                                            Entreprenuer

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The 3 Week Diet









Vacations. You need to add this to your health menu


When I was a young boy, my wonderful parents once told me. They said, “son, a person who works all their life with no playtime, tend to live a dull life”.

I didn’t understand at the time. I just smiled at them & went out to play.

I know today,what they meant. I go by their home to show them some love because what they have taught me.

They were protecting my life & health.

How, you may ask.

Look at it. Life is about balance. If you work at your job & constantly “live, eat, sleep & breath for that only, you’re creating an unfulfilling life.

You become dull. Your life become useless in other areas.

If you’re married, what about your spouse, your children(if you have them).

Many Americans face so much Stress now because due to not properly evaluating their current situation.


You must find a power source to break out from your same routine. Day in & night out.

Vacations are a major part of cracking the code for admirable health.  CLICK HERE!

What Are The Health Benefits Taking Vacations?

  • Better Family Ties. Family ties keep family healthier, smarter, and active. It creates a stronger bond. 
  • Less Sickness. When your life is filled with balance (key element), you help keep yourself/family out of harms way. Vacations helps provide this.
  • Healthier Thoughts. Do you know when you getaway from it all and focus on enjoying the moment on vacation, how the pains & misery have left your body? Just as Elvis has left the building. This will aid in creating healthy thoughts. Let that simmer on your heart for a minute. When you return back to your normal activities, you see things clearer. You approach things differently. It works for me. It can work for you!
  • Increases Social Life. You can  go hiking, fishing, hunting or just bird watching in the park. You & the guys play ball or go to a sporting event. This is a way to increase the social life again.

Vacations are meant to be for that particular reason. Vacate from the same old fashion cycle of life. Vacate the slave plantation mentality that we tend to carry from time-to-time!

I have friend who has built up vacations for 3 yrs. I asked,” hey pal, why you don’t fly away to gain your life of freedom back”?

His reply, “my job needs me. I shook my head, but, he’s a good friend, so i had to let him know that, ” you need to get away from it all. You can get more work done (at work & home), be more productive  & gain more focus. Also, it’s for health reasons. He, at the time, was really health-broken. My heart went out to him.

Take your vacations, by all means. Add them to your health menu & watch your life & heart improve. Click Here Now!


To your best health,                                                                                            Derrick M.                                                                                                            Online “Educating” Marketer                                                                            Entreprenuer

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